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On Wearing what you want to wear

So, today I am going to change my blogging style a bit - instead of lots of pictures and little text, I have for you a big  flood 
of words about a topic that I feel really eager to write about - wearing the clothes that you want to wear. *
*(This whole post will be in English because I feel like I can reach more people with it (okay and because I was too lazy to write the whole text in two languages ;)) - 
but since I am no native speaker/writer, there will very certainly be a few mistakes, so please tell me what I did wrong, I always like to improve my English as 
much as I can.)
Bild von hier / picture from here

There is a time in our lives when we don‘t care about clothes, especially as children we get dressed in the morning 
by our parents and the only thing that matters is that the sweater isn‘t itchy and the trousers don‘t bother us when 
we‘re playing in the mud. For some people this time never ends, yes, they start to get dressed up without the help of their moms, but clothing is just another inevitable factor in their lives like eating or sleeping. For others like you (I assume this when you‘re reading this blog) and me fashion is a bit more than just putting on something that keeps you warm and hides 
the parts of your body you don‘t want to show to the world. At least for me, fashion means expressing myself. 
My clothes reflect my moods and recent inspiration. The way I dress has even started to become a part of my identity.
Now some people might say that it is very superficial to state that you are not fully yourself when you‘re not wearing a nice dress. And I can understand their points - clothes shouldn‘t be something you hide underneath or the only things that give you confidence, but nevertheless I think that your style can be a part of your personality. And here we come to the title -
 wearing what you want to wear.
I feel like many people would like to dress up a little bit more but are too shy/scared to do so. They are afraid of judgmental looks from strangers or even of the reaction of their friends that clothes like this „do not suit them“.
I have always tried to wear what I want to wear and yes, I got these reactions. Especially in school, people were making jokes about my „Michael Jackson-jacket“, strangers were laughing about my shoelaces which I replaced with green ribbon or simply shook their heads when I was wearing a diy-necklace with a little plastic animal on it. But this didn‘t stop me because I knew when I‘d give it up I would give up a part of myself, a part of my personality. Then people would only get to know the person they wanted to see me as. And this wasn‘t what I wanted - I wanted to be completely myself and be accepted that way. So I dressed like this. Yes, I struggled with wearing certain things in the beginning, I felt uncomfortable when I heard that someone commented on my outfit, but you also gain a lot of confidence over the time and you come to a point when you don‘t care anymore. And do you know what happened then? People started to accept the way I dressed, they started to realize that I was the girl who loved to experiment with all kinds of fashion, they might not have liked all of my outfits, but they started to tell me that they „could never wear this“ but kind of admired that I was brave enough to put it on. There were also more and more people complimenting my style.
Of course I had days when I felt bad with no confidence and just wanted to dress as conform as possible and then I did so. That‘s totally fine, everyone has their off-days, we shouldn‘t feel uncomfortable and when you feel good in jeans and a t-shirt, then go for it. But when you feel like you would like to experiment a bit more but are too scared to do so because of OTHERS, then I encourage you to ignore the strangers, tell your friends that this is the way you like to look and that they should accept it, get out your tutu dresses, fedoras and faux fur jackets and show the world who you really are. 

Because you only have one live - dress like it.

(oh and also grab your hair brush and dance around to this, yay!)


  1. So well said!! I completely agree with you! I hate when people tell me, I love that top on you but I could never pull it off! Umm who says you can't pull it off?! If you like it wear it!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  2. This shot is perfect! Thanks for sharing, wonderful post!
    Melanie @

  3. Jetzt wollte ich schon fast auf Englisch kommentieren :D
    Schöner, wirklich sehr schöner Text! Mein Kleidungsstil ist nicht so ausgefallen wie deiner, aber auch ich bekomme oft ein Nasenrümpfen, wenn ich mal wieder meine ausgefallenen Muster und Schnitte auspacke. Ich weiß, dass eine Tasche von Michael Kors mehr "Likes" bekommen würde, als mein selbstgenähter Jutebeutel mit fetten Schwarz-Weißen Punkten, aber das wäre dann einfach nicht ich. Ich finde es großartig dass du deinen Stil so radikal durchziehst egal was andere sagen. Denn genau SO sollte es sein!

  4. Wow! So ein toller Text! Richtig schön geschrieben und so wahr! Weiter so!

    Alles Liebe

  5. Yes, I think we should dress the way we want and without think what the others will say! When I wear a different outfit, I like to see the faces that do the people when they see me, it's fun, I think we should take fashion as a funny thing!

  6. Your blog is super cute, this article I LOVE because its something i can relate to massively and something i've thought about more because recently I've been buying clothes that are a little more out my comfort zone but I love them but Im scared what people will say/think. Makes you think though that who cares what they think as you said show the world who you really are, thank you for my comment sweet x

  7. Love it! I completely agree with you Laura, life's too short to wear boring clothes, right? Great tune btw :)

  8. I hear you girl! Super gut geschrieben und gute Argumente auch :)

  9. I have to say it... YOLO! It's true that somedays you wear this and the next day you wear that. It happens to me all the time. I guess it toally depends on how you feel that day.. :)


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