Freitag, 12. Dezember 2014

Keep It Simple

Mantel/coat: COS; Bluse/shirt: Zara; Hose/trousers: Zara; Kette/necklace: Forever 21; Schuhe/shoes: Dr. Martens
Manchmal bin ich ein großer Fan von simplen Outfits - eine Bluse, eine Hose und ein gradlinig geschnittener Mantel. Leider habe ich noch nicht viele solcher "Basics" im Schrank, aber ich merke, dass, umso älter ich werde, ich immer öfter zu simpleren Schnitten und Farben greife. Das bedeutet nicht, dass ich nicht ein großer Fan von Prints, bunten Vintagekleidern und allem, was glitzert bin, aber es gibt Tage, an denen mir ein etwas minimalistischeres Outfit eher zusagt - Tage, an denen ich eher von skandinavischem Streetstyle anstatt von verrückten Londoner Outfits inspiriert bin.
Und genau das ist es auch, was ich an Mode so liebe - du kannst an einem Tag so sein und dich den nächsten Tag komplett anders kleiden, je nachdem wie du dich fühlst.
Ist das nicht wunderbar?
Habt einen tollen Tag!
Alles Liebe

♫♪ Youth - Beach Fossils ♫♪

Sometimes I like to keep things simple - a white blouse, a pair of trousers and an egg shaped coat are my choices on those days. Unfortunately, I don't have too many of these basics in my wardrobe yet, even though I have recognized that I tend to buy more and more clothes in muted colours and simple cuts the older I get. 
This doesn't mean that I don't like prints, colourful vintage dresses and everything that glitters, but there are days when I feel more like wearing a minimalistic outfit - then I am inspired by scandinivian streetstyle rather than the quirky outfits you can find in London.
And this is exactely what I love about fashion - one day you can be like this and the other day you can dress a totally different way - all depending on your mood. 
Isn't this wonderful? :)
Have a lovely day!


  1. You've got a nice blog :) Hope you could visit mine too!

    Lovelots ♥

  2. Lovely outfit, absolutely love the coat!

    Thuy xx

  3. Some days I really love dressing simply, too. Great outfit, and I really like the necklace!`

  4. Sometimes simplicity is the best option! In this case, you nailed it! I love it especially with the lipstick :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  5. I love this outfit, especially your coat! Its such an interesting shape. would be great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


  6. Great outfit!

  7. Minimal is a good choice, especially when it looks this good! I mean you can pull off anything.. :) I really adore your necklace by the way. It really compliments this absolutely amazing outfit.

  8. I admire of you the fact that you can wear very simply outfits and look stuning! For me is very difficult because I haven't many minimal clothes, so I love seeing your outfits!
    Thank you again or you compliments of the Brigitte Bardot portrait! I really appreciate it! ^^

  9. Love the monochrome colour palette :)
    Ooh and such a beautiful necklace!


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